(Last Updated On: March 9, 2022)

My Vegan Skin and Hair Care Products

In the last year, Andrew and I have removed any products from our lives that are made of, or tested on, animals. Otherwise known as, vegan. This includes bringing more vegan skin and hair care products into our routines. We want to support brands that are being conscious of our environment and respect all living beings. There really is no reason for any of us to use animals for our products. There are so many incredible plants at our fingertips that do this job better. Yes, it takes a little time to research these products, but that’s just one Facebook scroll-through or Netflix episode we can all live without.

We’ll be featuring vegan products from time to time on Veggie Campus from now on to help you learn more about them, and to provide recommendations based on my experience. We hope it saves you time and provides you with new insight into the world of vegan products.

Today, we are highlighting our experience with vegan beauty products and brands. Specifically, hair and skin care.

Pre-2015 Experience with Vegan Beauty Products

Vegan hair and skin care products have come a long way from when I first started looking into them about six years ago. I was not paying attention to animal welfare at the time, but was mostly concerned about the chemicals in my products, so was looking for more natural products. However, many I found also happened to be vegan. I tried a few brands but I didn’t have good results. At least not compared to the non-vegan brands I was using. The shampoo didn’t seem to make my hair clean and some of the facial products made my skin a little red. I gave up and went back to my chemical-laden products.

Post 2015 Experience with Vegan Beauty Products

Fast forward to 2015 when I started removing animal products from my food and lifestyle, and my research of vegan hair and skin care products produced so many more options. Potentially I was doing better research because my cause had been amplified. Regardless, there were now both low and higher priced products, and the quality at both price points greatly improved. I found even better results with vegan hair and skin care products than the non-vegan brands I’d used before! I also noticed that in addition to not testing on animals, most of the products are made with all-natural, chemical-free, non-gmo ingredients. The vegan brands seem to have higher standards all around, and take into consideration our health and environmental welfare when they create their products.

Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve tried many different haircare products, and so far these two brands are the most affordable and give the best results out of any products I’ve tried.

Night out with Caffeinated Vegan
  • Ion Products are sold at Sally Beauty Supply stores throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. You can also find them on Amazon.com. I use the moisture shampoo and conditioner and they make my hair feel like butter and oh so clean.
  • Avalon Organics, from what I can tell, are sold worldwide and on Amazon. I’ve found them here in Taiwan at mom n’ pop beauty stores. Andrew and I both use these with incredible results, especially the tea tree shampoo. Again, our hair feels squeaky clean and they smell great.
  • Australian Native Botanicals is a new brand I’ve been trying out in the last month. Native Botanicals ships worldwide and are also on Amazon. I just started using their conditioner and similar to the above, my hair loves the results.

Vegan products are easy to find these days. They have clear labeling on their products that come in forms similar to the ones on these bottles below. You can also find the well-known bunny outline or bunny ears on many products to help you. A little research on any brand website should tell you if it is cruelty free as well.

Skin Care

My skin care routine is pretty basic. I don’t wear much makeup so that already keeps my skin pretty clean. However, I have very dry skin so a good skincare routine has been important for me. I use a combination of the below steps:

  • Morning: Face moisturizer
  • Night: Facial cleanser, face toner (this is a step I just added), face moisturizer mixed with a little face oil, eye cream
  • Bi-weekly: Face mask – I just started moving to bi-weekly since using a face toner; I don’t seem to need to exfoliate as often
  • Aesop is a brand I just found in Taiwan. I used Beauty Counter face wash before that and it was great on my skin. Aesop has been just as effective – non-drying and my skin feels so fresh and clean.
  • Neals Yard is a brand I’ve started using since I’ve been in Taiwan, however they have been around for a while. After some research and seeing them around Taipei, I decided to give them a try when I ran out of my products from the U.S. The toner and face moisturizer are unbelievable for my skin. Again, I have dry skin and it is so happy with the face moisturizer. The toner has opened up my pores and it seems the face cream is just seeping in and making it very soft and refreshed. I highly recommend this brand and I will be trying out more of their products in the future. Believe the hype! I’ve also noticed that I don’t need much of the product each day, so I know this stuff is going to last a while and be worth my money.
  • Yuan is a local Taiwanese brand. They stand by using local, Taiwanese ingredients which makes me proud to support them even more. This is the face oil I’ve been using since my chia oil from One Love Organics ran out. It is a bit lighter than the chia oil and goes on a bit easier, which may make it better for less dry skin. I do need to mix it with my face moisturizer for it to be as effective as the chia oil from One Love was on it’s own. Regardless, it feels like silk when applied.
  • One Love Organics has the best skincare products I’ve ever used, hands down. I was first introduced to their chia face oil by a consultant at Vert Beauty in Denver, Colorado. They can be found in retailers in the United States and Canada, and also are available to ship. Their products make your skin as smooth as a baby’s butt. You can tell they use quality ingredients. Their eye cream rivals my first love, Beauty Counter, another incredible vegan brand, so I’d check them both out to see what you prefer.
  • Beauty Counter has a great reputation for a reason. Besides being ethically minded, each product produces consistently amazing results. I’ve used their face cleanser, daytime and night time face creams, face oil, eye cream and cleansing balm. The only issue is that I’m the worst at online shopping so I often forget to buy in advance and end up buying my products in-store. However, if you shop online, Beauty Counter should be a go-to line for skincare. I still have their eye cream which I alternate with the One Love Organics eye balm and I enjoy both products equally.

I’d love to hear your experience with vegan products! If you try any of the ones I’ve listed, let me know what you think!