(Last Updated On: March 9, 2022)

Raising Kids Vegan: 6 Moms To Learn From

If you’ve wondered what it’s like raising kids vegan and plant based, you’re not alone. We get messages from parents – mostly mom’s, and people thinking about being mom’s – about my thoughts on removing animal products from their kids diets. Since we are neither a mom nor a doctor, we are careful with any advice. What we are, however, are researchers and networkers. And we point them in the direction of mom’s who we feel have a solid grasp on the subject, and are raising healthy children on plants and no animal products.

We’ve accumulated a lot of resources and have finally put them in once place. In honor of Mother’s Day, and all of the mom’s out there killing it, here is our list of 6 vegan and plant-based mom’s who are blogging, YouTubing, and Instagramming regularly to show you that your kids can be healthy on a vegan diet.

1. Easy Animal Free

“I grew big, healthy babies during an entire plant-based pregnancy”

“My kids are thriving on a plant-based diet, too. They’re strong, energetic, smart, happy, and healthy.”

Anna Pippus documents the healthy and vegan meals she makes for her family on her website, Instagram account, and Youtube channel, Easy Animal Free. Her introduction on her YouTube account puts it best: “I’m a mother of two boys, ages 4 and 2. I’m also an animal rights lawyer and writer. With a lot going on, I’ve been forced to hack the kitchen to make it easy to put delicious, nutritious, family-friendly vegan snacks and meals on the table quickly”.

  • Instagram
    Anna provides a wealth of recipes on her Instagram account, with specific information in her Instagram stories about what she feeds her two boys.
  • Website/ Blog
    In addition to other articles, this is an extensive article she wrote on raising vegan children, which definitely educated me! She provides a large Q&A section within the article, with facts and resources answering many common questions about raising vegan children.
  • Youtube
    Her Youtube channel isn’t quite as extensive as her other media outlets yet, but we found some great videos documenting what she feeds her children for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. A great resource for other parents.

2. Erin Ireland

Erin Ireland is the owner of To Die For Fine Foods, a vegan food and beverage company in Vancouver, Canada, a food reporter, and a mom! Always on the go, we love following her adventures. Erin documents what she makes her family for dinner, and specifically what she feeds her little daughter, Roen, and reviews cool new vegan restaurants throughout Vancouver. She has a contagious, positive personality!

3. Lauren Ginger

Lauren is a mom of two, who gives us a peek into the life of she and her family each day, including the vegan and plant based meals she feeds her sweet daughters. Lauren started eating vegan and plant based due to having ulcerative colitis and eating this way has helped dissipate her symptoms and flare-ups. After having her colon removed, she knew she wanted to eat the best, healthiest and mot preventive diet and make sure her family does too. Like everyone here, she is also deeply passionate about animals, the planet and environment.

  • Instagram
    Lauren shows what her daughters eat each day through her stories and posts, with an especially helpful look into her older daughter’s elementary school packed lunches. Lauren is so much fun to follow and keeps it real for all of the mom’s out there!
  • Blog
    We follow Lauren primarily on Instagram, although she has a lot of resources on her blog a well!


4. Vegan Fam Woman

Vegan Fam Woman is the mom of two boys, and is also currently in nursing school. She and her husband started raising their children on a fully vegan diet a little over a year ago. They’ve been documenting their journey which has been a blast to follow along. We recently did an interview with them about how they raise their children vegan which you can read about here.

  • Instagram
    Her Instagram account makes us feel like we’ve done nothing with our day! She makes epic vegan cupcakes and other baked goods to ensure her kids can participate in bake sales at their school, comes up with innovative dinner ideas, and supports the whole family with her fun and positive spirit. I just love following her!
  • Other Related Instagram Accounts
    You can also follow her husband, VeganFamMan, and her kids, Vegan Fam Kids, on their Instagram accounts where they are are “just having fun and living life!” (Their accounts are incredible, too!).

This family is a ton of fun and show that vegan and plant-based eating doesn’t have to be so serious!

5.The Fairly Local Vegan

Amber Allen is a mom of two from who she homeschool’s in their home in Canada. She also has a well-documented YouTube channel. She makes content about “trying to live a conscious life, striving to be zero waste, veganism, minimalism, being a gentle attachment parent, and all things health related!” She’s real, down to earth and super cool.

6. Plantbasedmamact

Haley Addis lives a holistic, natural, DIY lifestyle and is the daughter of one cute little munchkin, Lucy. She shares recipes and tips for living a balanced, eco-friendly, chemical free, and healthy life. We follow her primarily on her Instagram page, but her website has some really helpful posts about raising a vegan baby as well.

Here are a few other mom’s who are killing it, and additional resources to check out.

These mom’s are truly inspiring and show us children can thrive on plant based and vegan diets. They also prove that it doesn’t have to be so complicated! Although there may be a learning curve in the beginning, if you want to raise your children vegan, following along with these power mom’s will surely help you get there faster.