(Last Updated On: January 28, 2019)

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Taipei

As you may have seen or heard by now, Taipei, Taiwan is a mecca for vegan, vegetarian and plant-based foodies. While living in Taipei for a year, we had the chance to explore many of the incredible restaurants available. Although there are even more restaurants than we’ve listed, this guide explains our favorites and what we think are the best vegan restaurants in Taipei.

Two of the restaurants, Minder Vegetarian and Chamkhar are vegetarian, but they have so many vegan items to choose from that we included them on the list!

  • Minder Vegetarian has been around for 20 years and is a buffet style vegetarian restaurant. It has a large selection of vegetables, soy products, some veggie wraps and beans. Not all items are vegan, but the majority are. You can also get whole grain or white rice as a side.
  • You pay by weight and the cost is very low. Even with our plates at their peak fullness, one meal is usually around USD $6. That is a bargain! We’ve eaten many lunches here and saved a ton of money.
  • There are several Minder locations throughout Taipei. Since we lived near Taipei Main Station, we went to the Q Square Mall location. On days when my husband had school, he went to the location near Da’an Park because it was close to his University.
  • Looking for delicious Japanese udon noodle bowls? Hoshina has your back! A Japanese noodle house, here you will have some of the best noodles in town with curry and spicy broths. They also have unique and tasty side dishes.
  • You can choose to make your meal a set, and get a few vegetable, salad and/ or tempura vegetables with your noodle bowl.
  • Highly recommend this restaurant and we visited frequently.

*photo courtesy Hoshina

  • Macrobiotics is a Taiwanese-style restaurant with soups, noodles and rice bowls.
  • You’ll find more traditional Chinese vegetables like cabbage, carrots and baby corn in your soup. It’s a less expensive option than some of the restaurants on this list, so it’s a good go-to if you are looking for affordable lunches or dinners.
  • We really enjoyed having this so close to our home!

*photo courtesy Macrobiotics

  • Vita Bella is one of the first vegan restaurants we visited in Taipei and it has a special place in our hearts. It’s a mom and pop type of restaurant and the owners are SO friendly and welcoming. They offer a large selection of unique rice and vegetable bowls, which come in big, hot clay pots. We usually order a set meal with the rice bowl, cabbage soup and red bean dessert.
  • Not much English is spoken, so it feels like an authentic experience. Although, they did just started adding items on an English menu to help foreigners because it’s becoming more popular. Which is really exciting for their restaurant.
  • They are also one of the few restaurants that have tempeh dishes.
  • Andrew and I have eaten at Mayur more times than any restaurant on this list. We are huge fans of Indian food and this restaurant rivals any Indian food we’ve eaten in the world so far.
  • Mayur restaurants are not all vegetarian or vegan, although they have so many vegan options that we have never had a problem. We always take guests here who are in town visiting and they are blown away.
  • They have many locations throughout Taipei, but we have only visited two, MIK 3 and MIK 6. MIK 3 is now a strictly vegetarian restaurant, and MIK 3 is just a block away and offers live music in the evenings. A really fun scene to experience!

*photo courtesy Mayur Indian

  • Ooh Cha Cha was my first introduction to the plant-based, organic food scene in Taiwan. I learned about it through a few people I was following on Instagram and was so excited when I visited their Zhongzheng location for the first time. They have fun burgers, pizzas and even sell my now beloved vegan cheese made by my friend Stephie – Moon Cheese.
  • Last year they opened a second location in Da’an district, which is where we typically visit now. In this location, there is a bar downstairs where you can find trivia nights, movie showings, great beers on tap, vegan nachos and more.
  • I promise this will be one of your new hang-outs in Taipei!
  • Plants is an organic, gluten-free, whole food, plant-based restaurant with so many innovative and fresh dishes. Their owners, Square and Lily, I consider friends now, and I’ve learned a ton about their dedication to quality ingredients and attention to flavor details. Square graciously gave me a tour of the organic and vegetarian markets they get some of their produce from. A post is coming on that soon!
  • Lily, their Chef, got her pastry chef training at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver. After that, she continued to take raw food classes, with one of them being at the Plant Lab, owned by Chef Matthew Kenny. To say the least – she knows her stuff! It is all reflected in their incredible dishes.
  • I typically ordered their hummus and falafel plate, smoothies and variety of side dishes. You must also try their raw desserts – lime cheesecake and tiramisu are my favorites!
  • There may be a lot of soy milk in Taipei, but other plant-based milks are not something you come by often. That’s why I was so excited when my husband stumbled across this store selling nut based milks near his school in the Da’an district.
  • JOOCE mainly sells all kinds of nut milk boba and tea drinks, using walnuts, almonds and more.
  • They also have four different nut crepes, filled with avocados and other vegetables. The ‘Veggie Nut Crepe’ is my personal favorite. Check this place out if you need a plant-based drink option and a light snack while you’re touring around Taipei.

9. Vegan Taipei

  • Vegan Taipei offers many entrees, but we go here for the pizza primarily. They have the best pizza in town, which you can see by my post about the best vegan pizza in Taipei.
  • They also make their vegan cheeses in house, and you can tell they are homemade. None of that waxy, odd smelling processed cheese to be found. They have many flavors and styles to mix up their pizza offerings.
  • My favorite pizza is the Margherita, so definitely give this a try when you are in Taipei and get a pizza craving.
  • Purebread is an artisan bakery with the most vegan and western style bread options than I’ve seen anywhere in Taipei.
  • There are SO many bread bakeries in Taipei, but you won’t find typical western style bread in most of these bakeries. I’m talking that crunchy sourdough, rye and whole wheat bread. Taipei leans toward sweeter, softer breads overall.
  • If you’re in the area, stop by for the three-flour sourdough or olive sourdough. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Miss green is a more western-style plant-based restaurant. You’ll find delicious vegan burgers, fries, panini’s, falafel salad bowls, and more.
  • Similar to Plants listed above, Miss green focuses on sustainable, organic, local ingredients with minimal impact on our environment. These practices are reflected in their dishes which are so fresh, vibrant and alive. You will walk out feeling healthier!
  • Some of our favorite dishes are the Green Power Protein Bowl and Avocado Cowboy Wrap.

*photo courtesy Miss Green

  • URBN is another western-style vegetarian restaurant, with mostly vegan options including burgers, fries, pastas and salads.
  • One of my favorite features of URBN is the tap beer. They have a good selection of beers and a killer beer flight you can put together. As one of the first plant-based restaurants we found in Taipei that also sold alcohol, this became one of our hang-out spots early on when we moved here.
  • Check out their pulled jackfruit sandwich and guacamole burger. Get a delicious beer to wash it down!

13. The Green Room

  • The Green Room is a vegan Thai restaurant that I wish we had found out about much sooner! They have beautiful curries, thai lettuce wraps and an incredible pad thai.
  • Their chef is passionate and innovative and we have loved every dish we’ve tried. You can also find unique cocktails on their menu, along with wine and other spirits.
  • They are open for lunch, but I’d come here for a special occasion or a night out with friends. Try their fried or fresh spring rolls, curry and turmeric rice. Honestly, just try everything because it’s all the bomb!
  • Flourish leans to the traditional Taiwanese style of vegan food, with a few other fusion dishes mixed in. Such as sushi rolls and tempeh spring rolls.
  • Another great lunch spot, you can find set meals of rice and vegetables with your entrees, as well as lighter fare. They also make killer kombucha on site which you definitely should try!
  • We have been to Flourish many times and love their Vegan Bowl, Tempeh Summer Rolls and Sushi with Avocado.

*photo courtesy Flourish

  • Although Kaya Kaya has a wide variety of dishes to choose from, we typically go here for brunch. There aren’t many brunch spots like Kaya Kaya in Taipei, and they open at 9am which is unheard of here!
  • We also love their outdoor seating area which is hard to come by in Taipei due to the warm weather. We sit out on the patio every time and they provide fans for you which cools things down a lot.
  • Our favorite dishes are the Tofu Scramble with toast and fruit, Soymilk Boba Tea and BBQ Tofu Sandwich.
  • Vege Creek serves noodle bowls in a pick-your-own ingredients setting. There are baskets with vegetables and noodle choices along a huge wall when you walk in. You choose your ingredients, bring them to the front, they ring you up and then make a soupy noodle bowl with the most incredible flavors and spices I’ve had in a soup.
  • Although Vege Creek isn’t near the apartment we lived in in Taipei, we still ventured over there quite a bit! They serve pretty big portions so bring a container in case you can’t finish it all!

*photo courtesy Vege Creek

17. Nice Cream

  • Vegan ice cream in Taipei?! Yes, please! With a coconut milk base, this restaurant serves up 8-10 flavors of creamy ‘nice’ cream that you’ll definitely be coming back for.
  • You can’t find vegan ice cream many places in the city, so this was a great surprise when we saw it opened.
  • Try it out for a snack when you’re out and about, or after dinner in one of the restaurants listed above. A great date night!
  • Herbivore is an up-scale dining experience with western style vegan food. I was blown away by their creations and flavors.
  • Set in a mall, it may seem like an odd place to go to a nice dinner. However, once you are inside you don’t feel like you are in the middle of the mall. It is a beautiful restaurant.
  • We tried the loaded potato, burger and soba noodle salad. I actually based one of my recipes on Veggie Campus after their soba noodle salad! I can highly recommend these options.
  • Chamkar serves beautifully plated vegetarian and vegan dishes with Cambodian and French influence. You’ll find curries, salads, paninis, soups and pastas. All vegan dishes are clearly marked, and there are many available.
  • Their backstory and roots starting in Cambodia where their other restaurant is located is a cool one you should read about when in the restaurant!
  • They used to have a location downtown Taipei which is where we first tried it out, but that has since closed. It’s worth a trek to Tianmu for lunch or dinner to try their Pesto Pasta, Curry and Vegetable Panini.