Use this Menu Planner to plan your meals and shopping list for a few days, a week or months in advance, using recipes from Veggie Campus!


Video Tutorial

Watch this quick video for instructions on how to use the planner

  • Functionality of the planner
  • How to add recipes
  • How to create a shopping list
  • How to save and print recipes, the menu and the shopping list

*Basic written instructions are also located at the bottom of this page.

*NOTE I didn’t clearly capture in the video: If you create ingredient groups, such as ‘fruits’ or ‘produce’, you can drag ingredients into those groups within the generated shopping list. This makes it even easier to get organized!

The Planner



Written Instructions

To Add Recipes to Your Menu 

  • Choose a recipe from the ‘Add Recipe’ dropdown list at the top, and click on the recipe.
  • The recipe will appear above the menu. Drag it to the date and meal you’re planning for.
  • Continue adding recipes to days and meals until you have the planner filled out.
    • Scroll to the right using the arrows at the top of the planner to build your menu out for more than a week.
  • You can also remove a recipe, or increase the serving size of the recipe, by clicking on the recipe from within the meal planner.
    • You will see an option to the right to press on the trashcan icon and remove the recipe from the plan
    • You will see the serving size listed for the recipe and you can manually change this amount and it will increase the items that will be added to your shopping list.

To Create Your Shopping List

  • Click ‘Generate Shopping List’ below the planner to choose the dates range for your shopping list, the measurements you’d like it listed in (metric or U.S. imperial), and click the check mark to create the shopping list.
  • You can also choose to print the shopping list and/ or save recipes by clicking on those buttons below the plan.
    • When you click on save, you will have the option to save a link with your menu in it that you can access later, or you can email it to yourself.
    • When you click on print, you will have the option to save the menu to your documents or google drive, or to print it.

Other Features

  • There are options to print the recipes or the menu plan, which you will see buttons for at the bottom of the menu.
  • There is an option to add more ingredients to your shopping list either from the drop-down at the top (these are ingredients populated from the Veggie Campus blog), OR you can add your own ingredients manually by entering them in the ingredient box below the menu.
  • You can create ingredient groups, and then you can move ingredients around within the shopping list and put them into the created groups, for example ‘produce’.

For even more detailed instructions, see my YouTube walk through video!