(Last Updated On: January 28, 2019)

Our Eco Resort in Khao Sok National Park

When researching places to visit during our trip to Thailand, we knew we wanted to spend time in one of the country’s beautiful national parks. Researching which park, which activities and where to stay was planning overload! Many hotels and resorts offered appealing options, but we also wanted our accommodation to have a sustainable and environmentally friendly focus. Luckily, we found Our Jungle Camp Khao Sok National Park Eco Resort.

An Eco Resort is hotel or any accommodation that tries to minimize it’s impact on the environment. It typically also aims to give back to the local community. We couldn’t have chosen a better resort focusing on these efforts, and our stay couldn’t have been more magical. Check out our video and detailed post about our trip below.

Highlights of Our Jungle Camp Resort


  • The resort is situated within the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world, with views and access to limestone mountains, lakes, and caves.
  • It’s on the mainland of Thailand, not far from Phuket and Krabi. We rented a car for a gorgeous and shockingly easy one-hour drive to the resort.
  • One of the best features of the resort is their dedication to sustainability, and their eco-conscious practices.
  • The restaurant and bar are built from the local bamboo and renewable materials, designed to keep you connected to the surroundings.
  • They have bamboo trees planted on the property so you can learn about the different types of bamboo that are in the rainforest.
  • They use biodegradable sugar cane for all straws and bags.
  • The restaurant is farm-to-table with an on-site organic farm where the food for the restaurant comes from. No pesticides are used because they stand by all-natural growing practices. You can even take a cooking class from their chef, which includes a tour of their garden. During the wet season, the garden tour is limited and they get more of their vegetables from other farms. Definitely take the tour during the dry season!
  • It’s important to mention that they offer many incredible vegan dishes so we had no problem eating there.
  • By visiting the resort you are subsidizing an on-site nature camp for Thai children from all walks of life to experience and learn about nature.

The Huts

  • We stayed in a bamboo hut which was extremely romantic and perfect in it’s simplicity and sustainability. Think a few notches above camping, with a private (very nice) toilet and a beautiful bamboo interior. Our hut was right on the rice field, with no air-conditioning, limited lighting, mosquito nets to sleep under and basic accommodations.
  • The hut had openings just below the roof, so it’s exposed to the outdoors where you can hear birds and insects all day and night. We found this to be the most glorious experience in the world and one we don’t get enough of!
  • Our hut was only $35 USD per night, and then the prices go up from there for other accommodations.

Our Jungle House (Treehouse Resort)

  • Our hut at Our Jungle Camp was booked for our last night due to a mistake on our part, so they upgraded us to a room at their other resort that we didn’t even know about, called Our Jungle House.
  • This resort was right around the corner and we ended up glad for the mistake because the other property was equally as stellar.
  • Our Jungle House was built before Our Jungle Camp, so the trees are grown out a bit more, and it’s very lush and green all around the resort.
  • We had the fortune of staying in one of their tree houses, the ‘Romance Treehouse’, that overlooked the beautiful river that runs next to both properties. The room was larger than the bamboo huts at Our Jungle Camp, had a bigger bathroom, and a large porch, while still keeping the eco-features of the other camp. However, we are sure the price point is much higher.

Final Thoughts

  • We’d choose the same experience and stay at both resorts due to the unique features each offered.
  • The Jungle Camp is an experience we’ve never had before and felt more rugged and like we were really close to camping near a jungle. Everything is so peaceful and quiet, and we stayed out on our little porch outside talking and looking at the stars late into the night.
  • If you wanted a more romantic or adult situation where the bar stays open a bit longer, you may want to stay at the Jungle House.
  • We would ask even more questions about the resort up front, because their story is pretty incredible. They have only been open one year as of the writing of this post, and the passion from the staff and the General Manager is so clear and heart felt.

We highly recommend staying at these two resorts for your stay in Khao Sok National Park. It will bring your entire experience up another level!