I love to connect with others to see how we can change the world. Or, just to chat or answer questions. You can contact me at caryn@movingmangoes.com. It would be great to hear from you!

Workshops, Speaking Events, Coaching, Cooking Classes
We have a lot of plant-based information on our blog and social media channels. But sometimes you need more than that. To fill that gap, I provide plant-based education to groups and individuals who want a deeper understanding of what it means to eat plant-based. Whether it’s understanding the benefits, learning how to cook or providing one-on-one coaching. Contact me at caryn@movingmangoes.com to learn more about my experience and to see how we can collaborate.


Upcoming Events

New Year Intention Setting Workshop
January 5, 2019
Evergreen, Colorado
I’ve partnered with Buka Yoga and Blue Zen Center for this New Year Intention Setting Workshop. Join us for beautiful mountain views, Hatha Yoga, a Sound Bath, 2-hour Intro to Plant-Based Cooking Class and more.