I started the Urban Veg in 2013 to document and share the many adventures I’m always embarking on. Like fitness, travel, cooking, building businesses and more. Over time, I realized there was an important, central theme across all of my stories. They are about trying something new, the challenges and wonderful opportunities that come with it, and the change that often occurs in the process. I want to connect with other people about change…about the growth and progress, but also the real pain and loss it can bring. If this interests you, you’ve come to the right place. Especially if you want to share back with me and continue the dialogue. I love that!

 So, who is the Urban Veg? It’s me! A lover of cities – the coziness of ducking into cool little shops, exploring artistic mediums, and endless opportunities to walk and gawk. I also reaaallllyyyy enjoy veggies and maintaining a pretty healthy lifestyle through running and being active. Two foundational aspects of me you’ll see woven throughout my stories.

My husband Andrew often posts with me so there may be guest appearances from him if you’re lucky (he’s a great writer). We hope to bring you inspiration and ideas from our lives.

Thank you for joining us.

*The Urban Veg is dedicated to our nephews, Ian, Isaiah and Cayden. May you have a beautiful world to explore and thrive in*.