Welcome to the Urban Veg. I started this blog in 2013 and it’s transformed a few times since then. It started about fitness, then sustainability and plant-based recipes, and then a big focus on travel. Those posts are still around, but I realized the central theme is connecting with people about growth and progress. All of my interests fit into this bucket. So, you’ll find posts on this site about travel, taking risks, new books I’m reading, embracing change, veggie-based meals, running, saving money, minimalist approaches to life and a slew of other topics.

The Urban Veg is me. A lover of cities – the coziness of ducking into cool little shops, exploring artistic mediums, and endless opportunities to walk and gawk. And although I enjoy indulging, I gravitate toward plant-based foods and maintaining a pretty healthy lifestyle through running and staying active.

My husband Andrew often posts with me so there may be guest appearances from him if you’re lucky. We hope to bring you inspiration and ideas from our lives.

Thank you for joining us.

*The Urban Veg is dedicated to our nephews, Ian, Isaiah and Cayden. May you have a beautiful world to thrive in*.