Welcome to the Urban Veg! I started this blog in 2013, and it’s gone through a few transformations since it’s inception; fitness, eating plant-based, travel and sustainability. You will see a lot of information about all of that here. However, present day I write about many different subjects in my life.

I am the Urban Veg, you could say. A lover of cities, interesting food (a lot of plants!), interior design, and always striving to make progress in my life and self.

You’ll find posts about travel, taking risks, embracing change, veggie-based meal ideas, yoga, meditation, running, saving money, minimalist approaches to life and a slew of other topics.

My husband Andrew often posts with me so you will see some guest appearances and articles from him. We hope to bring you inspiration and ideas from our lives.

Thank you for joining us.

*The Urban Veg is dedicated to our nephews, Ian, Isaiah and Cayden. May you have a beautiful world to thrive in*.