About Us

Welcome to The Urban Veg! Like you, we live busy lives. We have a lot of interests, are active, and have full-time jobs. It’s important to us that we stay healthy without it taking too much time or money. However, many of us are moving away from the foods that keep our bodies fueled and healthy: Plants. We’re falling prey to processed and packaged foods, and eating out  more. We’re spending more money, often without even thinking about it. We want to change that. That’s why we’re sharing our experiences and tips and for cooking simple, plant-based meals that are cost-effective and delicious.  

Cost Savings

When we first started eating plant-based, we made a lot of random meals, weren’t organized and wasted a lot of food and money. We bought processed and packaged foods that were trendy vegan foods, and we also ate out quite a bit. It got pricey. We are always looking for ways to save so we can spend more on the things we enjoy. Over the past few years, we’ve found that one of our BIGGEST savings has come from cooking simple, plant-based meals. 

Cooking is Key

Learning how to cook simple, but flavorful, plant-based meals was key to saving money and our health. We were highly influenced by our time living in Asia. Cuisines like Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese are centered around simply flavored and affordable plants. And spices. We brought the cooking techniques and lessons we learned in Asia into our recipes and tips here at Urban Veg. It’s easier than we thought to transform foods like potatoes, veggies and beans into delicious meals. Over time, our grocery bills dropped, our savings increased and we felt great in the process.

Health and Environment

Cooking and eating plants this way won’t just save you money for the activities you love, it will give you more energy to do the activities you love! Plants can boost your mood, help you maintain your weight, keep diseases at bay and so much more. Choosing plants also positively impacts the environment. It reduces air and land pollution due to industrial farming, and the suffering of other species we share the planet with.

Caryn & Andrew


Hi, so nice to meet you! I am the recipe creator, article developer and food photographer for The Urban Veg.The Urban Veg is a collaboration with my wonderfully hilarious husband, Andrew. Originally from California and Illinois, we now live in Denver, Colorado. I am a right-brained creative and have a lot of interests like running, travel, and debating which sweatpants are the coziest. However, my favorite subjects are minimalism, budgeting and keeping a healthy mind and body. I’m a Plant-Based Educator and Motivational Coach and I’ll complete my certification in Holistic Nutrition in February, 2019. My favorite food is anything potato and I think laughter is the greatest sound on earth.


Hello, I’m Andrew! I’d like to think I have a healthy obsession with reading, videography, robots, human evolution and biology. I’ve been eating plant-based for two years and it’s completely changed the way I think about not only my own health, but the future of humanity. Learning more about human evolution and biology is a humbling reminder of the way humans are connected to other lifeforms. I contribute subject matter expertise for The Urban Veg articles, create videos for our YouTube channel from time to time, and bring a male perspective to the table that is often missing in the plant-based world. I think whomever came up sandwiches deserves a Nobel prize.

We hope you’ll join us to continue learning and caring for this amazing world together. Along with our website and social channels, you can also check out our videos on our YouTube channel, The Urban Veg. Thank you for being here!